Let’s be honest. There comes a time when your website theme starts to show its age. Design trends are always evolving, time flies, and before you know it, poof! Your website design could use a good refresh.

That’s why we released Santiago, a new, bold design now available in your site’s Design Studio!

What to love about the new Santiago theme

Santiago homepage slideshow comparison

The Santiago theme is unlike any other. Here’s how:

  • Larger homepage slideshow – Santiago’s slideshow is 1440 x 810 pixels (16:9), which means there’s more space to display your images.
  • Bottom horizontal content region – This special region (located just above the footer) is the perfect way to highlight more important info.
  • Geometric colored accents – This element gives Santiago a unique flair, and you can choose from six elegant color palettes.

Take a closer look at Santiago. A more beautiful website is just a few clicks away!

Changing your site’s theme is easy!

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