Here at eCatholic, we have a term for those who get the most out of their website: eCatholic power users.

Naturally, power users use power features  an arsenal of tools that can help you more effectively harness the power of your website. Let’s dive into some of these lesser-known eCatholic features to give your web management skills a boost.

Power Feature #1: Design Studio previews

As you edit your website on a desktop screen, it’s easy to forget that many of your visitors are interacting with your site in a different way: on a mobile device. Use Power Feature #1 to seamlessly preview your site on screens of different sizes (e.g., desktop, tablet, and mobile) in the Design Studio.

Device Display

Power Feature #2: Simple text formatting tools

This one’s not complicated, yet is rarely used effectively! Use Power Feature #2 to make your content more digestible for your visitors. Put in a little extra effort to format your site’s text using the simple text formatting tools in the Text Editor (a.k.a. WYSIWYG Editor). It’s a simple way to make your content look more clean, professional, and consistent.

Text Formatting

Power Feature #3: Customizing for Facebook

Whenever someone shares a link to one of your site’s pages on Facebook, the social platform grabs a picture, title, and description from the page. Use Power Feature #3 to prep your pages before you share them. Customize the image, title, and description Facebook uses to ensure your shared URLs grab people’s attention in the Facebook Newsfeed.

Facebook Customizations

Power Feature #4: Site file audit

If you like things clean and tidy, you’ll love Power Feature #4. Your site’s file storage capacity is finite, and it’s inevitable that heaps of unused files will accumulate in your File Manager over time. Use this feature to easily identify unused files that are eating up space on your site. Then, do a bulk delete to achieve lean, clean file storage.

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