We launched the Online Form Results Manager last spring. Ever since, we’ve been excited about how it has transformed eCatholic’s Online Forms module. And it just got even better.

Manage your data more easily

If you’re an eCatholic Payments customer, this news is for you! You can now view transaction data and refund transactions directly from the Form Results Manager.

The Form Results Manager is now a more complete one-stop-shop. Use it to cleanly manage all the data you collect with your online forms and payments.

Here’s a step-by-step outline of the powerful ways you can use this new feature. (2-minute video)

Updated security roles for eCatholic Payments

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve updated the eCatholic Payments security roles. You can now give other users the ability to view and refund transactions for specific forms.

There are three security roles for eCatholic Payments: Full, Modules Only, and None. We’ve added an extra setting for the Modules Only role. This new setting allows you to give Modules Only users access to view and refund transactions from the Form Results Manager. (This is the feature we’ve described above.)

Ultimately, you now have more flexibility. You can decide who should see and manage specific payment forms on your website.

Brush up on your understanding of the updated security roles with this helpful video:

As always, let us know if you have any questions about these new features. Or let us know if you’re wondering how eCatholic Payments could help you. We’re here to serve you!