It’s official. eCatholic subscribers can now easily integrate engaging Catholic content from Life Teen on their websites!

eCatholic Founder and CEO Josh Simmons and Life Teen’s Director of Resource Development Joel Stepanek explain how the collaboration was born and why it matters.

What is Life Teen?

Joel: Life Teen is a Eucharistic-centered movement of the Holy Spirit. We empower parishes, priests, and youth ministers to lead teenagers closer to Christ and create experiences at camps, conferences, and through our digital platforms for teenagers to encounter the Gospel.

What is eCatholic?

Josh: eCatholic is a leading technology provider for the Catholic Church. We provide beautiful, simple cloud solutions to help improve communication, evangelization, and stewardship through our website and payments platforms. Our goal is to help Catholics focus on their mission, not technology.

Why did Life Teen and eCatholic want to work together?

Josh: We’ve always admired the great work Life Teen does – not only are they experts in youth ministry, they are leaders in digital evangelization. Life Teen is a great example of how to use technology and new media to create engaging content to reach your audience.

Since helping Catholics communicate and evangelize with new media is essential to eCatholic’s mission, joining forces with Life Teen was a natural fit. We’re blessed to collaborate with such a forward-thinking partner!

Joel: Digital presence is so important. It isn’t just a part of a young person’s life, it is the language they speak. Many parishes may not have a large budget in place to develop a great website or to hire a developer, so eCatholic fills an important space in creating websites that provide parishes with an important digital presence.

Our goal is to provide incredible content for youth, young adults, and parents online through our blogs, YouTube videos and social media. By partnering with eCatholic, we can help equip parishes with the framework and content they need to draw young people to a parish website and speak to them where they are.

What do you want people to know about this partnership?

Josh: Life Teen produces amazing Catholic digital content: powerful videos and engaging articles. We wanted to help deliver their life-changing content to a larger audience, and this new partnership makes that possible through a seamless integration in our website platform.

Joel: We are excited to offer our content to eCatholic subscribers and help support the great work they are doing. We think that this really helps solve two questions:

  1. “How do we get our parish a quality website?”
  2. “How do we fill it with great content?”

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