Adding beautiful and relevant content to your eCatholic website just got easier. 

Introducing: Catholic Content from Grotto!

Just drag and drop the new Grotto modules onto your website to publish the latest Grotto Stories via video and the Grotto blog…all designed to spread hope and inspire the world.

Senior eCatholic Evangelist Joe Garcia and Director of Grotto Sarah Yaklic explain how the collaboration was born and why it matters.

What is Grotto Network?

Sarah Yaklic, Grotto: Grotto Network is a New Evangelization effort which seeks to assist young adults with navigating life, making an impact, and flourishing in communities of faith. The network features inspiring videos, written material, and graphics, and will be available through the social media platforms most used by young adults.

It is our goal to reach those young adult Catholics who are not presently active in parish life. In striving to reach this audience, Grotto Network will share compelling stories of grace, healing, hope, and human experience, seeking to help young people encounter the beauty and truth of the Gospel and to invite them back into fuller participation in the life of the Church.

Joe Garcia, eCatholic: I myself am a product of young adult evangelization. I came back to the Church during college because of campus ministry.

When Grotto made its debut, I was immediately excited. Helping Catholics communicate and evangelize is essential to our mission, and teaming up with Grotto is a natural fit! Their team is creating content that fills a much needed void for young adults and the Catholic Church.

Why did Grotto and eCatholic want to work together?

Sarah: eCatholic has done an amazing job assisting parish communities with their digital ministry outreach. By enabling parishes to focus on their ministry, the eCatholic platform provides parishes with a powerful tool to expand their reach outside parish walls into the digital highways.

This outreach assists parishes in extending an invitation to people who are away from the Church and Grotto Network hopes the content that will be shared through the modules will assist parishes in encouraging young adults to reconsider the gift of the Catholic faith and the joy found in encountering the Lord through a parish community.

What do you want people to know about the partnership?

Joe: Grotto produces amazing Catholic content: powerful videos and engaging articles. Our goal is to help deliver their inspiring content to a much broader audience, and this partnership makes that possible through a seamless integration in our eCatholic website platform.

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