Each month, the eCatholic team gathers for a team lunch and training workshop. The goals are simple:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Build team unity, and
  3. Learn something new.

This monthly celebration is a highlight for our team, especially for those who live close enough to join us for lunch at our headquarters in College Station, TX. But because 40% of our team is remote, some team members join the workshop via video and miss out on the delicious lunch.

This month, we called off this cherished monthly ritual. Instead, we wanted to try something new that even our most remote team members in Maine, North Dakota, and Canada could enjoy! Our team had been grinding away for months and it was time for a break. Our leadership team manned the support boxes while the rest of the team enjoyed some well-deserved R&R!

Introducing: Family Friday.

Family Friday

The rules were simple:

  1. When the clock strikes noon, do something fun with your family for the rest of the day.
  2. Post photographic evidence of the fun you had with your family in lieu of working.

The results?

Not only did we discover that three team members have young boys with the same red Mickey Mouse T-shirt, but the team enjoyed an afternoon with their families refreshing and rejuvenating their souls!

Could your team benefit from a rejuvenating Family Friday?

Here’s a sampling of the fun we had on the first ever eCatholic Family Friday. Enjoy!

☺️ Cindy, Custom Design Coordinator/Happiness Engineer

Cindy Family Friday

Cindy spent time with her dad installing new windows.

? Michael, Software Developer

Michael Family Friday

After welcoming a new baby earlier in the week, Family Friday gave Michael and his oldest son a chance to learn a new game: “old-school pen-and-paper roleplaying.”

? Natalie, Evangelist

Natalie Family Friday

Natalie made a special appearance for story time at her daughter’s school.

? Patrick, Software Developer

Patrick Family Friday

Three generations worked together to build a fence gate for Patrick and his family’s new home.

? Luke, Diocesan Evangelist

Luke Family Friday

Luke and his family went “camping” in their Louisiana backyard. Marshmallows, a campfire, and a tent all included.

? Matthew, Creative Content Director

Matthew Family Friday

Matthew’s kids got picked up from daycare early for a surprise trip to the zoo. (Made possible by some unseasonably warm November weather in North Dakota.)

☺️ Anne, Payments Evangelist

Anne Family Friday

The Rusted Gingham Barn Sale was the destination of choice for Anne and her daughters.