Everyone wants to know: What time is Mass in your diocese?

That’s why we’ve built the diocesan parish finder: A powerful tool that organizes Mass times in an entire diocese into an interactive database. With these latest updates, finding Mass times has never been easier. Here’s what’s new:

Use advanced search to find Mass times by day, time or language

The diocesan parish finder is now even more powerful thanks to some awesome new features! Visitors no longer have to manually search for the next available Mass or the closest parish. The new advanced search feature makes searching for Mass, adoration, and confession times quick and painless. You can even search by day, time or language!

The advanced search feature is basically good to go out-of-the-box. When a diocese has enabled the parish finder and has correctly entered each parish’s sacrament times, this new functionality is automatically available.

Easily find the next Mass or closest parish in your area

The mobile features of eCatholic’s diocesan Parish Finder make finding Mass times incredibly easy. Just tap “Find Next Mass” or “Find Closest Parish” to get instant results on your mobile device.

Note: Visitors must have location services enabled on their mobile device to access the location-based features.