Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

While we probably won’t put Pentatonix out of business any time soon, we might give them a run for their money…

To show our appreciation for our faithful customers and to spread some Christmas cheer, our team warmed up the ol’ vocal cords and recorded an original rendition of a Christmas classic.

eCatholic Christmas Video 2016

The rest of the story…

During the process of producing the 2016 Christmas Video, we learned three things:

  1. Producing a Christmas video requires a lot of coaxing…er, “coaching.”
  2. Turns out some people weren’t very excited about singing on camera…
  3. We assumed everybody knew the words to “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” We were wrong.

Check out the 2016 bloopers below! (The full Christmas video is embedded at the top of this post.)


Sure, we had to mute a few people’s tracks in the official video, but we were actually surprised ourselves at the collective eCatholic Christmas sound! (Don’t worry, the muted individuals know who they are…Hint: Watch to the end!)

Put a face with a name

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eCatholic Christmas team members