Here at eCatholic, we’re always looking for standouts; people or organizations that lead the charge. These folks have a clear vision, a strategy, and an eye on the future as they blaze a new trail in the world of Catholic digital evangelization.

This inspired our latest eCatholic U blog series: We’ll be delivering lists of tools, star evangelizers, and Catholic resources that can inspire your day-to-day ministry.

You can use the YouTube module to easily add Beyond The Pew (or any other YouTube content) to your eCatholic website.

Today’s list focuses on four YouTube channels for Catholic Families. Whether you’re looking for an idea to spark your next creative project or want a personal boost, take a look!

1. Life Teen

We love Life Teen’s videos. In fact, we love them so much, all eCatholic customers can drag and drop the latest Life Teen videos onto their websites in mere seconds. This channel features impeccable video production, powerful storytelling with a Catholic perspective, and an occasional laugh. Check it out. It’s Pure. Catholic. Artistic. Genius.

2. Catholic Breakfast by Fr. John Muir

Even better than the glory that is McDonald’s All Day Breakfast is this: Catholic Breakfast. It’s a creation of Fr. John Muir, a priest of the Diocese of Phoenix. Fairly new to the YouTube scene, Catholic Breakfast provides daily nourishment and encouragement. Sometimes silly, always authentic, here are some out-of-the-box Breakfast videos to check out:

3. Beyond the Pew by Ablaze Ministries

Built from the conviction that “sainthood starts at home,” Beyond the Pew is a YouTube playlist powered by Ablaze Ministries. While Ablaze primarily ministers to Catholic youth, Beyond the Pew includes helpful Content for parents of teens. Videos include:

4. ODB Films

ODB Films will deliver powerful, high-quality Catholic content. Every time. If you need an emotional pick-me-up, a trip to the ODB Films YouTube channel will do the trick. Between short films for young Catholics and feature films for families, here are some videos you need to see:

Keep an eye out for more helpful Catholic resources in the future! Have a Catholic YouTube channel you’d like to share? Let us know about it using the comments below.