The newest tools for your ministry

We’re constantly working to make eCatholic better, faster, and more beautiful. And our latest software release checks all three boxes! ✅

We’re proud to unveil to you the latest eCatholic features. Here’s what you need to know.

Updated eCatholic user interface (UI)

The user interface (UI) you use to edit your website now has a fresh, new look! We’ve redesigned the interface to make it more beautiful, simple, and user friendly.

Most of the tools you use to update your website remain unchanged (aside from the fact that they may look a bit different). However, here are a few things you should know about the new UI:

  • Site Map has been moved to the Admin Toolbar – You can now click Site Map in the blue admin toolbar at the top of the interface to access the Site Map Editor. (Previously, the Site Map Editor could be accessed by clicking the Pages/Navigation button on the left edge of the interface.)
  • New Design Studio features – You can now filter themes in the Design Studio according to your preferences (e.g., colors and slideshow sizes). We’ve also improved the thumbnail previews so you can get a better glance at each theme and color palette. (Note: There are more cool Design Studio features coming soon!) 😉
  • Updated module icons – Click on “Add Content” and take a look at the redesigned module icons. You can now more clearly identify Catholic modules that offer content in English, Spanish, and video formats.
  • Faster load times – We’ve also updated the code powering the eCatholic UI to make it leaner and more efficient.

Two beautiful free themes

There are now two new free themes available in your site’s Design Studio: Sebastian and Antioch. Take a look:

  • The Sebastian theme is considered a “minimalistic design” – with this theme, your content will really stand out and take center stage! Sebastian’s button design and the more prominent location of the social media icons are unlike any of the existing free themes.
  • The Antioch theme offers a sort of rustic look and feel. It includes unique fonts and styling for the homepage slideshow and content modules.

Kudos to Josh, Geoff, and Amy! They led the team of people who worked to make the new UI and free themes a reality. Here’s what they have to say about the new UI:

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the updated interface?

A: Josh, Founder/CEO – I love the elegance, detail, and soft color palette. The beauty and simplicity of the new UI will help inspire our users to make their own websites more beautiful, simple, and engaging.

A: Geoff, Web Developer – I’m most excited about the Design Studio’s new filters and thumbnail previews. We are hoping this will empower admins to try new themes with greater confidence. I think they’ll realize how easy it is to revamp the design of their website with our simple tools!

A: Amy, Graphic Designer – I think the updated design makes all the UI elements easier to read and navigate. We’ve added more consistent spacing, padding and designs to help direct users to the tools they need. Now it should be even easier for customers to manage their websites.

Next steps

As an eCatholic customer, no action is required for this latest release! We’ve automatically updated your account; simply log in to your website to take advantage of the new features.

This is just the start of many big updates coming your way in 2017! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and help you focus on your mission, not technology.